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Workout Jump Rope Adjustable Tangle-Free Skipping Rope with Comfortable Soft Handle

SKU SP0021-1

1. High quality: thickened steel wire, durable and smooth, good flexibility, moderate rope weight, long service life, not easy to break or break.
2. Fast and smooth: High-quality ball bearings can ensure a stable and fast rotation speed, no winding, and more labor-saving.
3. Comfortable handle: The matte design of the handle is ergonomic, and the surface is covered with soft PVC memory foam, which is breathable, comfortable, and non-slip, making the skipping rope easy to hold.
4. Adjustable length: simple leftover head, easy to adjust the length, suitable for all ages, and all levels of experience.
5. Purpose: fitness exercise, aerobic training, jumping exercise, cross fitness, jumping, MMA, boxing, speed training, calf, thigh and forearm strengthening, leg training, and endurance training.

Product Description:
Product name: Bearing Wire Rope Skipping Rope
Size: 4.5mm * 2.8m
Product material: PP + PVC + steel wire
Product color: black / red / blue / green

Installation method:
1. Pass the rope through the side of the rope fixing hole.
2. Cross the axis of rotation
3. Put on the fixing rope elastic switch again.
4. Cover the side housing.
5. Put on the load-bearing iron.
6. Cover the shell.