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1. Delivery time: the delivery time of our products is relatively short. We will inform you in advance of any delivery problems.
2. Specification: Battery capacity: 500mAh, weight: 168g, size: 34x165mm, material: plastic+metal.
3. Product details: USB charging, 15 minutes to purify 5 SQM of space. This is an ultraviolet LED light with low power consumption. It is suitable for sterilizing small spaces such as car, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, refrigerator, kitchen, bathroom and so on.
4. Characteristics: Sterilization rate of 99%, Omni-directional, automatic timing 15 minutes to use. No ozone. Long press switch 3s to start and short press to shut down.
5. Note: this is a low-power UV lamp, only suitable for a small range of use. Prolonged staring is not recommended. The blue indicator light enters the sterilization state, and the red indicator light shows the charging state.