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Usb Charging Outdoor Riding Lights Electric Display Red Light Warning Lighting Bicycle Headlight

SKU HLdouble

Dual light: bright light to see the night road.

Multi-use of one light: USB direct charge, can charge your phone.

Flexible snap: solid snap base, side red light power alert.

High quality material: the body is made of degree aluminum alloy, good heat dissipation

The gear adjustment: one gear strong light, two gear medium light, three gear strong light, four gear two lights full light, five gear breathing light, six gear flashing.



Batteries that are not used for long periods of time should be fully charged and stored, and normally recharged and discharged again in about three months.

Turn off the torch when the brightness of the torch changes significantly during use to prevent over-discharge of the battery.

Heat dissipation tips: the torch in use, to ensure heat dissipation. When the battery is fully charged, you should use the second gear to prolong the life of the torch and the battery.

The light of the torch should not be shined directly into the eyes of people, so as not to affect their eyesight, especially children.

If you do not use the torch for a long time, please take out the lithium battery to avoid chemical corrosion.