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8-Tone Percussion Instrument Steel Pan Drum

SKU desp6white

1. Product information: S: 15 cm diameter and 6 cm height / L: diameter 19.5 cm, height 13.5 cm.
2. High-quality sound: The sound is empty and melodious, and the sound is stable. The special craftsmanship focuses on every detail. Hand-painted, moderate sustain. Both children and adults can play. You can play with drumsticks or type directly with your hands. You can develop a sense of music and inspiration.
3. Special process: The galvanized spray paint forms a protective film on the surface of the etheric drum, which is not easily corroded and does not remove any paint. At the same time, it can also extend the lifespan.
4. Selected materials: Steel titanium alloys are used to manufacture devices and parts that require good overall performance, with corrosion resistance and without heat treatment and hardening.
5. Rich color: a variety of colors, stylish sense of color, there is always a color you like. Different colors have different textures. In addition to ordinary smooth surfaces, we have also designed metal and stone imitations that can be applied to different living styles in different scenes.

Product Description

The steel pan drum is a musical instrument that resonates with the entire cavity by the vibration of the sound tongue. So whether it is freehand or using a drumstick, the purpose is to make the sound tongue vibrate effectively.
While mastering the basic playing methods and rhythm, just play as much as you like and beat your inner rhythm to play your own unique melody.