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Spotlight Ultra Long Range Three-Stage Headlamp

SKU HBMwhite

Product name:Concentration cup ultra-long-range

Battery: Lithium polymer rechargeable batteries

Shell material: PC engineering plastic

Features: white and yellow light, three levels of adjustment, high brightness from a distance.


Two light optional wide range of uses: white light multi-purpose, daily lighting maintenance of industrial and mining lighting security duty; yellow light mild soft light, hunting birds and insects catching poultry pet farms.

Three levels of strong light without fear of darkness: large diameter lamp, diameter 5.8cm, large light cup; long distance shooting 100m-300m.

Simple operation to hand ready to use: power button to switch the strong light weak light flashing.

Attention to detail: breathable elastic headband, three-dimensional embroidery, adjustable; lights built-in lithium, long endurance.

Portable and easy to use: 90 ° adjustable lamp head, detachable, easy to carry, high quality wick high brightness and high efficiency.