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1. Super chip: The product uses a chip with supercomputing power and several high-precision sensors to read heart rate and blood pressure changes, and accurate measurements around the clock.
2. Body temperature monitoring: real-time body temperature monitoring is possible. At a temperature of 18-32 degrees, the temperature can be easily measured by putting the watch on the forehead.
3. Full-screen touch: IP68 waterproof, full-screen touch, large-screen high-definition, operation, and viewing more clearly. It can keep all kinds of information synchronous reminder display.
4. More functions: with music, alarm clock, stopwatch, taking pictures, looking for mobile phones, countdown, and other intimate functions to help you pursue a better life.
5. Sports tracking: Support multiple sports modes, provide and analyze various data in real-time, which will help you carry out safer and more reasonable fitness sports.

Product Description:
Main functions: temperature/blood pressure/heart rate monitoring, steps, calories burned, distance, call and SMS reminder, alarm clock, photography, Bluetooth music, etc.
Display size: 1.3 inches
Body size: 45mm * 40mm * 10.5mm
Wristband size: 23.8cm
Appearance material: alloy
Wrist strap material: stainless steel mesh strap
Resolution: 240 * 240
Screen type: full screen touch
Bluetooth version: 4.0
Android system: 5.0 or above
IOS system: above 9.0
Charging method: magnetic charging cable
Life time: 6 days
Waterproof rating: IP68