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1. Set contents: Portable Table Tennis Net Rack * 1, table tennis racket * 2, table tennis * 3
2. High quality: Seven layers of pure wood bottom plate, fast ball speed, sufficient bottom strength, transparent feel. The holding time of the floor is just right. The table tennis net is made of strong nylon, and the mesh is dense and not easy to deform.
3. Unique technology: The use of unique technology special adhesive, double-sided reverse adhesive design, you can hit a strong rotation and a long arc without effort, with both speed and rotation.
4. High-end handle: The handle uses high-grade raw materials, the classic design makes the surface of the handle maintain relatively proper friction when it comes into contact with the hand, the reasonable design of the handle weight, the selection of fine and strong wood, high resistance to resistance and not easy to decay, with Good sweat absorption.
5. Simple operation: The ball net is easy to put and take, easy to carry. During use, the bracket can be gently pulled apart to unfold the net, and the net can be automatically retracted after use. The operation is simple and can be installed in minutes.

Product Description:
1. Product name: Portable Table Tennis Sets
2. Product content: portable table tennis racket * 1, table tennis racket * 2, table tennis * 3
3. Racket material: poplar + rubber
4. Suitable for the crowd: Players of any age and any level above 3 years old.
5. Suitable place: Suitable for any table, the table tennis net can convert any table into a table tennis table, such as a desk, home kitchen or dining table. Just put it on the table and you can start your game anytime, anywhere.