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Portable mini pump

material: metal

Product volume: 18.8 cm * 2.0 cm * 2.0 cm

Package weight: 0.2kg

Features: high strength/universal valve/saving effort/light weight


Portable mini: easy to carry, the length of the cylinder is 188mm when it is stowed, which is very suitable for emergency use when going out.

Hose concealed design: The extension hose is hidden inside, which is quick and convenient when taken out.

High-quality materials: EPDM rubber hose, resistant to freezing and high temperature, not easy to crack and disconnect. Using 6063 aluminum alloy, the weight is only 105g, and the road bike can easily hit 100PSI

The valve is universal: the thread of the hose can be directly connected to the valve, which is compatible with the American valve and the French valve. Universal design, no need to convert, saving time and effort.

Can charge a variety of inflatables: In addition to bicycles, it can also inflate balls and swimming rings. Comes with a fixed frame, which can be fixed on the bicycle for emergency use.