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1. Filtration performance: The use of a hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane filter element can filter out bacteria below 0.01 microns. The filtered water can be consumed directly.
2. Large capacity: It can purify up to 2000 liters of water, and can directly filter and purify safe drinking water from streams and lakes without any chemicals.
3. Scientific design: The soft protective cap can protect the filter from secondary pollution of dust and stains, simple and easy to use.
4. Convenient to carry: There is a portable design, easy to carry, detachable and cleanable, more humanized.
5. Scope of application: very suitable for tourism, hiking, outdoor adventure, international rescue, camping, hiking, wilderness survival, etc.

Product Description:
Filter material: hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane
Shell material: ABS food-grade plastic
Filtration accuracy: 0.01 microns
Filtration capacity: 2000L
Purified water flow: 280 ml/min
Service life: 5 years
Product size: 162 * 32mm
Net weight: 60g