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Outdoor sports cycling glasses with anti-glare and UV protection


Product information.
Lens length 127.2mm
Total lens width 139.7mm
Lens height 41.7mm
Nose bridge width 16.5mm
Lens width 72.5mm

Glasses Model:XQ-368

Features: sand and wind resistance, UV protection, impact resistance
Frame material: Imported pc material
Suitable for:men and women
Lens material: pc lens
Lenses: Colorful lenses
Net weight: 29G
Range of use: cycling, daily leisure, mountaineering, skiing, surfing, shooting, hiking and other outdoor sports.
Eyewear accessories:1:cycling glasses 2:eyeglass case3:lens cloth


Dazzling lens absorbs reflections from bright sunlight effectively
Suitable for use in sunlight
Ultra-light and impact resistant

1, safety: impact resistance, high see-through, anti-glare, anti-radiation, anti-ultraviolet radiation;
2, anti-ultraviolet ray: effectively prevent ultraviolet damage, prevent electromagnetic static electricity radiation;
3, high see-through: the mirror film layer does not fade, can filter all kinds of glare reflection and astigmatism;
4, anti-fatigue: eliminate eye fatigue caused by harmful lines, reduce eye irritation caused by strong light;
5, high quality ingredients: always adhere to the quality of incoming materials, pipeline-like layers of testing;
6, wind and sand: cycling, mountaineering, often encounter wind and sand in the eyes, glasses is your most necessary products.