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Adjustable Outdoor Roller Skates

SKU SP0016-1
1. Adjustable size. Adjustable size according to shoe size.With safety buckle, double-layer protection to ensure the safety of children's sliding.
2. High-top boots design. Supports the ankle well, has a comfortable padded lining and a high-impact chassis. With PU pad to absorb shocks and control steering. Slides quickly and smoothly. Super breathable. It can help children's feet to dissipate heat well during exercise.
3. High quality. The wheels are made of durable vinyl. Durable semi-precision bearings provide excellent traction and control to prevent normal skating wear. The wheels are shining and can glide coolly at night.
4. Applicable people. Suitable for all people who want to learn roller skating.
5. Multiple locations. It can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Safety instructions for use:
1. Children under five years of age should slide under adult supervision.
2. Wear enough protective equipment (such as braces, elbow pads, knee pads, helmets) when taxiing.
3. Before sliding, you should check whether the screws, rivets, and shoes on the product are firm.
4. Should taxi in a safe and legal venue.
5. You should avoid taxiing in places with lots of cars and people or at night.
6. Should avoid sliding on the water, oil, or uneven ground.

Maintenance of roller skates:
1. Frequently take out the inner cover of the shoes and wash them to prevent odor and prevent the growth of bacteria.
2. Frequently change the left and right wheels to make the wheels of inline skates more durable.
3. Avoid sliding on rough roads, which can extend the service life of wheels and bearings.
4. Do not replace the wheels or bearings individually, as this will reduce the stability of taxiing.
5. If the bearing is used for a long time, when it is not smooth when sliding or there is a "rustle" sound, the bearing can be removed, soaked in "stained oil" for about half an hour, the impurities in the bearing are washed away, and then spray Apply engine oil or bearing special oil. This can extend the service life of the bearing.
6. When the product is not in use, it should be stored in a dry place without direct sunlight. This has a certain effect on preventing accessories from rusting and product aging.