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Safe and reliable: the lock body cylinder is not easy to rust, and the complex structure is sufficient, making it more reliable for riding.

Keyless locking: It can be locked by gently pressing the lock head, convenient and quick. Also suitable for motorcycle and battery.

Chrome-plated alloy steel: The lock body is made of all-metal steel, which is strong and wear-resistant.

The inner structure of the zinc cylinder is designed to resist a variety of technical openings.

With 2 anti-theft keys: two keys in a beautiful and wearable design with complex and varied patterns.



Applicable vehicle selection

Disc brake lock cylinder 5mm requires the disc brake hole to be larger than 5.5mm in diameter.

Insert diameter: 5mm

Disc brake hole diameter ≥5.5mm


Product name:Mini anti-theft disc brake lock

Product Brand: Wheel up

Product color:Silver

Product Weight:187g for the lock body, 19g for the key.

Product specification:45mmx33mm

Cylinder specification: Internal pressure type cylinder

Waterproof or not: living waterproof

Locking pin size: about 5.5mm (<5.5mm disc brake pad not available)

Key set: two keys as standard

Material: Steel body zinc insert

Applicable range:The distance from the hole to the edge of the disc brake pad is less than 10mm,the diameter of the disc brake hole is ≥5.5mm.

Vehicles with disc brake pads < 7 mm thick