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Unisex Walking Shoes , Breathable, Lace Up Trainers

SKU SP0005-1
1. High quality: The upper is made of selected high-stripping PU leather, the leather surface is smooth, the feel is smooth and comfortable, the thickness is thicker, stronger, wear-resistant, and anti-corrosion.
2. 3D breathable circulation technology: The upper leather adopts hydrolysis-resistant technology, which is durable and does not fade. Combined with the design of 3D three-dimensional quick-drying three-layer mesh fabric, the outer layer of the three-layer mesh is perforated and breathable, and the middle layer blocks to sand and dust from entering the shoe, keeping the shoe clean, and the delicate inner layer of the mesh ensures wearing comfort and prevents footwear.
3. Cushion protection: During walking, the sole bears twice the weight of the entire body, the sole of the shoe has strong elasticity, and the design of the cushioning bottom can reduce the pressure on the sole of the foot during walking, disperse the impact of walking, and effectively play Cushioning effect.
4. Anti-odor and sweat absorption: Comfortable and breathable insole with good resilience and not easy to deform. It can play an effective cushioning effect and make it more comfortable to wear. The loose structure of the insole can effectively discharge the exhaust gas in the shoes and the sweat of the feet, keep the feet dry, do not breed bacteria, and make the feet more hygienic.
5. Super wear-resistant: TPR is used to make soles, with excellent comprehensiveness, good elasticity, and high wear resistance. The unique anti-skid design ensures that the shoes have super grip performance and high safety.

Product Description:
Product Name: Men's & Women's Mount Low Walking Shoes
Inner material: Mesh
Suitable for seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Suitable places: Mountain, snow, grass, floor, field, cement road, gym, etc.