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Kids Bike Seat Front, Adjustable & Foldable, Compatible with All Adult City Bike

1. Quick installation and removal. Can be installed and removed quickly without using tools. The front and rear seats are fixed more firmly, eliminating any safety hazards.

2. The foot pedal can be adjusted in length and can be folded and retracted. Both the footrest and the front fixing of the seat can be adjusted in length and can be folded and retracted. After retracting, the seat has a smaller volume and is convenient to carry and place. The length of the pedals can be adjusted in 4 steps, suitable for babies with different leg lengths!

3. Humanized full fence design. The seat guardrail can be opened to make it easier for the baby to get on and off the car. The humanized guardrail can also reduce the "outer horoscope" of the legs when riding. The full-enclosed guardrail adopts a curved design, which makes the seat more beautiful and greatly reduces the degree of obstruction to the legs when riding, making the "outer horoscope" degree Greatly relieved.

4. Comfortable and safe. The seat back and seat cushion are made of 3.5 cm thick high-quality sponge and high-grade non-slip leather, which are comfortable and flexible. The steel pipe of the mainframe of the guardrail is also covered with a sponge to make the baby ride more comfortable. An openable seat belt on the seatback is safer!

5. Adjustable length. The adjustable beam design allows the overall length of the seat to be adjusted between 35cm-45cm, which is suitable for different models and installation spaces of different sizes. So that most models can be installed on the seat!

6. Fully waterproof. The high-temperature porcelain treatment on the surface of the seat's mainframe is not afraid of rain, and the handles and guardrail sponges are also waterproof materials. The seat cushion and backrest pad are closed and wrapped with high-quality leather, with the seat out] Not afraid of rain, the dirty parts can be wiped directly with water clean!


1. 1. This product is only suitable for vehicles with a low frame, such as city bicycles,, etc.

2. Choose the guardrail form of the seat according to the age of the child;

The size of the seat is basically the same. The age that we mark for each style is only an approximate reference age. When buying, we should determine which seat to use according to the baby’s development and flexibility. We recommend that you try to Choose a style that uses more protective parts!

3. The half-enclosed style can be gradually changed to the no-guardrail style, handrail style, and veneer style by removing the protective parts!

4. If you have any product questions, please feel free to send an email to us, and the customer service center will reply within 24 hours on working days.