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1. Big bearing capacity: It can bear a maximum weight of 120 kg. As long as you have a door frame in your home, you can exercise without going out.
2. Multiple uses: This product integrates sit-ups, pull-ups, and push-ups. It is suitable for indoor doors of suites and is a good helper for fitness and weight loss.
3. Simple installation: There is no need to punch holes, this product does not need to be nailed to the door, only the product itself needs to be installed. When it is needed, it can be directly put on it. When not in use, it is convenient and practical.
4. Fashion and bodybuilding: Multifunctional sports equipment with a small footprint and stylish appearance. This fitness machine integrates pull-ups, sit-ups & push-ups.
5. Unisex: Not only suitable for men who love bodybuilding, but also for women who love beauty, both can lose weight and maintain a charming figure.