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Breathable Fashion Riding Gloves White Skull Green Zombie

SKU thsgrunm

1. Basic Information: Package: 1 pair of gloves, Color: Green.
2. Elastic material: Bicycle gloves are made of stretch fabric, breathable, comfortable, antibacterial, skin-friendly and abrasion-resistant. Extremely comfortable to wear.
3. Breathable and comfortable: The back and palm parts of the gloves are designed with a ventilation system to allow ventilation and perspiration. Stylish appearance and practical functions.
4. Shock absorption and anti-slip: Thickened pads and breathable material on the palms provide the perfect shock absorption. Suitable for physical exercise or other leisure activities.
5. After-sales service: If you find any problems with our products, please contact us via email. We will have a customer service representative to respond to you.

Product Description

Material: Windproof Polyester
Size: M / L / XL / XXL
Thickness: Moderate
Features: Fashionable personality, attracting attention. Windproof and waterproof coating, suitable for all kinds of weather.
Occasion: Bicycles or other occasions requiring gloves.