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Fitness Resistance Band Yoga Exercise

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1. High-quality handicrafts: Anti-aging, anti-wear, anti-stretch, beautiful Color, no bubbles, no scratches.
2. Natural materials: Environmental protection, harmless to the human body. The surface is made of natural latex, is smooth and the abrasion resistance is strong. Reinforced nylon handle and foam cushion for comfortable use.
3. Safety design: The pull rope is cleverly designed, easy to use, and beautiful. The user interface is a newly updated version of the carabiner user interface that is safe and fashionable.
4. Use: By using the pull rope to train the upper, middle, and lower parts of the body, the body shaping effect is better, especially for the prevention of pain in the cervical spine and the shoulder lumbar spine. It is a good helper for physical fitness.
5. After-sales service: If you find any problems with our products, please contact us via email. We will have a customer service representative to respond to you.

Product Description

Color: Yellow / Red / Black / Purple / Green / Blue
Tension: 8-175 pounds
Material: Natural latex
Size: Yellow: 2080mmx45mmx64mm / Red: 2080x45mmx130mm / Black: 2080x45mmx220mm / Purple: 2080x45mmx320mm / Green: 2080x45mmx450mm / Blue: 2080x45mmx640mm
Features: Beautiful colors, diverse specifications. It can be coordinated with different sports, easy to carry.
Occasion: Suitable for yoga fitness, weight training, muscle stretching, compound training, etc.