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Exercise Ball Yoga Ball 55cm 65cm 75cm Anti-Burst Core with Pump

SKU SP0010-1
1. Product specifications: size: 55cm / 65cm / 75cm. Color: pink / blue / purple / red / silver / green.
2. High quality: durable, burst-resistant PVC material, thick, environmentally friendly, and no odor. The surface is designed with spiral anti-skid patterns, the surface structure is very stable, and it is easy to clean.
3. Explosion-proof system: The product has an explosion-proof design. If a sharp object is encountered during use, the explosion-proof system can prevent the ball from bursting when it is damaged. Thus ensuring your safety.
4. Multifunctional: very suitable for strengthening core muscles, increasing the flexibility and toughness of the body and limbs. Improve balance, lose weight, etc. It can also prevent neck and back pain, improve blood circulation throughout the body, and strengthen cardiopulmonary function; very suitable for gym, family, travel, and office use.
5. Easy to use: After opening the package, you can use it when inflated. You can also use it as a ball chair when you are not exercising. When you don't use it for a long time, you can deflate it. After deflation, it is small in size and easy to store.

1. When using this product, try to avoid touching the furniture with paint to avoid corrosion!
2. Due to the long-term folding and storage, there will be some wrinkles after the first inflation, and it will disappear after a week after being filled with air.