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Emergency Nozzles


1. Quicker and less labor-intensive than manual inflators.

2. Requires use with a CO2 cylinder.

3. American and French valve tips are universal and available in four colors.

4. Includes protective cover to prevent frostbite on your hands.

5. The CO2 bottle inflates extremely quickly, and it is obvious that the tires are filled in about 5 seconds. One cylinder can inflate a bicycle tire approximately twice. Perfect for inflating tires in an emergency.

Product Description:

Net weight: 17 grams.

Gross weight: 33g

Packing size:13 *6 *3CM

Note: The product can be used with a 16g threaded gas cylinder (buy your own separately).

Mode of operation:
Step 1: Put the cylinder in a protective cover (very important as the cylinder cools down quickly during inflation) and screw it into the nozzle tip with the metal needle.
Step 2: Screw the cylinder to the end until the metal pin pierces the cylinder.
Step 3: Align the valve tip with the valve, (to use on French valves, the valve core needs to be loosened) and screw the valve onto the valve. Tighten clockwise with the valve nipple in place. (No gas will be ejected from the cylinder nozzle after the correct operation)
Step 4: Loosen the nozzle back and forth counterclockwise, there is room for the nozzle, the CO2 gas in the cylinder will be injected into the inner tube instantly and then 2-3 seconds to fill the inner tube.