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Dual Grip Xerball / Medicine Balls

SKU SP0025-1

1. Product: 1 professional medicine ball with handle.
2. Safe to use: The grip ball can strengthen the body. The ball is ideal for core exercises or cross training. Because of its weight and two handles, it can always be kept firm, and it can perform rotation exercises and vigorous movements comfortably and safely.
3. Training effect: Using professional medicine balls with handles, you will experience demanding training courses that require your strength and coordination skills. Exercise can benefit almost all muscles in the body.
4. Product features: The ball is made of a mixture of rubber and polymer. It has two easy-to-grip handles. The ball is easy to clean with a cloth. The diameter varies according to weight. The ball is suitable for use in the studio.
5. High quality: This project has passed the test of many studios and many personal trainers. Can be used safely and safely.

Product Description:
Name: Dual Grip Xerball / Medicine Balls
Material: Rubber
Specification: 3kg / 4kg / 5kg / 6kg / 7kg / 8kg / 9kg / 10kg
Application: gym, private education.
Function: Strengthen body and shape.
Target: Student groups, offices, white-collar workers, fitness enthusiasts