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1. Product content: double canvas hammock * 1, tie rope * 1, storage bag * 1
2. Product size: hammock unfolded total size 260 * 150cm, hammock size 190 * 150cm
3. High quality: the hammock is made of 320g / ㎡ canvas fabric. The fabric is thick and breathable and cool, comfortable and light, easy to clean, and fine workmanship. High-quality nylon cable tie, strong bearing capacity, strong and firm, safe and reliable in use.
4. Convenient installation: the product is equipped with a thickened and long tie rope, which is easy to install and carry. It is a must for travel and allows you to better enjoy the relaxing time of travel.
5. Unique design: The hammock end is compiled according to physics so that each rope can be evenly stressed and more comfortable to lie on. Adjacent to the buckling process, hand-woven fishtail knot, 120 thick cotton rope, load-bearing up to 300kg.

Products Files:
1. Place of use: home, courtyard, balcony, field, etc.
2. Be sure to use a double-stranded rope, do not use a single-strand connection in order to increase the length of the rope, the single-strand connection will pose a safety hazard!
3. The rope at the head of the hammock must not be twisted or knotted.
4. The height of the two ends should be equal to maintain the balance of the hammock.
5. When children use, the ground under the hammock should be covered with protective pads to prevent people from being injured after falling.
6. The posture of using the hammock can be sitting or lying down, and never try to stand on the hammock, it will be very dangerous!
7. The most suitable and safe distance between the hammock and the ground is 20-40 cm.
8. When lying in the hammock, the direction should be balanced with the hammock, do not tilt too much, otherwise, it is easy to fall out of the hammock.