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Tool bag size: 23*5.9*10cm

Kit weight: 531G

Accessories: saddlebag + tire inflation kit + 16-in-1 folding tool

16-in-1 folding tool functions.

Allen wrench 2/2.5/3/4/4/6mm

Flat wrench 8/10/15mm

CE Rim Spoke Wrench Socket Extension Phillips Screwdriver / Slotted Screwdriver

Socket wrench 8/9/10mm


Portable pouch, fully functional and tear-proof, with anti-aging tail bag fabric.

Can be mounted under the saddle or carried on the bike. Reflective design ensures safety when riding at night.

16-in-1 folding tool: compact shape, multi-functional combination, easy to deal with unexpected situations during riding.

Small and portable, complete with functions, tire repair, bike repair, one get.

The latest upgrade of the pump, appearance upgrade, add net bag.