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1. Comprehensive exercise: Exercise muscle groups in all directions. Suitable for multiple training methods. Comprehensive training, exercise is more in place; targeted training, the effect is more obvious.
2. Free adjustment: two assembly methods: press inward / extend outward to give you a double training experience; four sets of double-layer springs: multiple combinations of strength. It is free to match, and the training intensity can be adjusted.
3. Excellent quality: Bold and thick steel pipe is durable, the thickness of the steel pipe is increased by 5 times, the wall thickness is 1.2mm, and it is refused to bend.
4. Scientific design: Double springs, strong compression resistance. Comfortable handle, in line with the curvature of human grip.
5. Simple operation: no tools are required, you can assemble and adjust it with just your hand.

Product Description:
Material: stainless steel spring, thickened steel pipe, engineering plastic
Product size: 103cm X 4.5cm
Packing size: 106 X 6 X 6cm,
Weight: 1.8kg
Efficacy: Train the muscles of the upper body.
Trainable parts:
Big arm-biceps
Abdomen-abdominal muscles
Chest-chest muscles
Back-Latissimus dorsi
Hand-hand grasp

Features: Sturdy and durable, beautiful appearance. 8 stainless steel springs, various combinations, and matching, 5 kinds of strength adjustment.
No need for a free combination of tools, making home fitness more professional.
Note: Product data is measured manually, there may be 1-2cm error.