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Roller Wheel for Abdominal Exercise Home Gym Core Workout

SKU SP0013-1
1. Inner diameter: 16.5cm
2. Material: PU wheel, stainless steel tube, PVC plastic.
3. The pressure resistance performance is stable, the wheel shaft structure, the force balance, and the pressure resistance performance are further improved.
4. Product features:simple design, beautiful appearance, strong and durable.
5. Note: When using a tension band, first place its front end on the belly wheel, and then place the other end on the feet. Use the elastic contraction of the tension band to better control the abdominal wheel and master the use of the abdominal wheel more quickly.
Product Description:
1. Product Style: Classic two wheels / Classic three wheels / Luxury two wheels / Luxury three wheels
2. Size: 23 cm * 5 cm
3. Color: blue
4. Product function: fitness, stomach, etc.
5. Product features: simple design, beautiful appearance, strong, and durable.