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TPE Body Stretching Yoga Mat

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1. Innovative and ecological material: the yoga mat is made of technologically improved TPE (thermoplastic elastomers), which are generally flexible and can be stretched repeatedly offering a longer duration.
2. Body alignment system: alignment lines allow you to focus and adjust your hands and feet in precise positions and keep your body in correct alignment.
3. Grippy, not Slippy: the yoga mat has double-sided non-slip surfaces so you can safely perform any movement. The undulating bottom grasps the floor.
4. Water resistance and easy to clean: tested and certified by SGS, this mat does not contain PVC, latex and will surely not attack your senses with any smell. The closed-cell surface blocks dust and moisture to keep sweat and odors at bay. Easy to clean.
5. After-sales service: If you find any problems with our products, please contact us via email. We will have a customer service representative to respond to you.

Product Description

Material: TPE Cork
Size: 183cmx65cm
Weight: 1.2kg
colors: Chinese red, Classic black, Persimmon, Noble blue, Mandola, Chakra, Datura, Nautical chart, Astrolabe beacon, Thoughtful girl, Cherry blossom, Daffodils
Features: Lower support SBS dry, wet, non-slip, high rebound, with lower suction cup structure, more adherent to the ground, suitable for the yoga of great action.
Occasion: Suitable for yoga fitness, muscle stretching, etc.