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Thickened according to anti-shear anti-hydraulic U-lock

SKU BLUblack

Product name:Thickened according to anti-shear anti-hydraulic U-lock

Color: Black, sky blue, pink

Product Weight: 713g

Material: Housing: High Strength Solid Steel Lock Cylinder: Anti-theft leaf insert Key: Copper key

Range of application: mountain bike, road bike, children's bike, touring bike

Product size: Size: inner diameter 73mm (width) 150mm (height) outer diameter 95mm (width) 180mm (height) Note: 1-3mm error in manual measurement (normal range).


Thicker u-lock: it is resistant to hydraulic pressure and shearing, which improves the security factor, and the lock body comes with a locking frame, which can be fixed on the bicycle. Easy to carry and use lock

Solid alloy steel: the material of the lock body is excellent, the upper and lower tension can reach 700kg.

B-grade cylinder: the lock body and key are not easy to rust This U-lock is made of solid alloy steel. It is oxidation resistant, suitable for all kinds of mountain bikes, electric bikes and motorcycles, high strength and safe.

The key: the key adopts internal milling groove structure, which can prevent theft by a higher level, and the key bar adopts 62# copper material, which is better in hardness and tenacity and can avoid theft. The event of your key breaking, the key handle is made of ABS engineering plastic, and will not undergo qualitative changes from -20℃ to -40℃. Smooth lines, fashionable appearance and comfortable feel.

Dustproof cover: it can effectively prevent rainwater and dust from entering directly into the heart of the entire lock cylinder, which effectively prevents rainwater from getting in and The life of the lock is greatly prolonged by the clogging of dust and dirt caused by prolonged non-use of the lock.